B3ATING TH3 ODDZ Mentoring Inc. was founded in the summer of 2014. B3ATING TH3 ODDZ Inc. started with only two young men meeting in the bowling alley at the Alabama A&M University Student Health & Wellness Center, and since then over 300 teenage boys and men of all ages have been connected to B3ating Th3 ODDZ Inc.
B3ating Th3 ODDZ Mentoring Inc. have served young adult men & young men between the ages of 12-35 throughout the North Alabama area including Huntsville, Birmingham, & Decatur, AL. B3ating Th3 Oddz Inc. has partnered with the North Alabama Boys & Girls Club, Troop 400 Mentoring Program, Appleton Tutoring Program, R Fathers Mad Mentoring Program, Mountview Elementary School, Lakewood Elementary School, Pinnacle Alternative School, Madison County Department of Human Resources & Decatur City Schools and a number of churches throughout North Alabama to make a positive impact and change in the lives of young men since 2014. 
To date, B3ating Th3 Oddz Inc. has established 3 impactful programs (BTO Mentoring, BTO Life Group, BTO Fitness) designed to reach and  teach young men about life skills, basic living skills, education, and other tools to help them become successful in today’s society.

B.TO. Core Values

Leadership - Building young men up to become the leaders they were created to be.


Integrity - Developing our young men to set the standard and stick to their commitments, even when no one is watching.

Character - Helping our young men to develop standards, structure their lives, and to build great character.


Persistence - Teaching our men to keep going even when situations become challenging.

Brotherhood - Friendship, support, understanding, & sharing of same goals.


I AM who God says I am,

I AM a leader & not a follower

I AM above & not beneath

I AM a lender & not a borrower

My life has purpose, and I’m going to be EVERYTHING that I was created to be!


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