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BTO Fitness
BTO mentoring is our mentoring program for the young males of our community.  Through mentoring/training sessions, after school programs, community projects, and outreach functions, we mentor young males from the ages of 6-18 to become the great leaders that they are destined to be.  Our mentors go through thorough training and informative sessions to make sure that we are equipped and ready to be enthusiastic, prepared and available mentors.
BTO Life Night is our powerful men's life group.  On life night, we bond by having discussions, group activities, and most importantly, prayer.  Our goal for life night is to make sure that men feel empowered to become better leaders and become better men in Christ.  We want to make sure that our men are continuing to beat the odds....DAILY!
BTO Fitness is a program in which young men get together to work out for our hour long workout session called "Champion Hour".  Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month,  we meet together to make sure that we are not only spiritually fit, but physically fit as well. Our certified personal trainer, Brent Crenshaw, gets our adrenaline pumping with thrilling exercises, healthy eating plans, and enthusiastic encouragement.  So ask yourself, "Am I ready to be a champion?"
BTO Life Night
BTO Mentoring

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